Charms - Collar, Keychain Add-On, Earrings

Charms - Collar, Keychain Add-On, Earrings


Want to bring your fur baby's accessory game up another notch or match with them with their collar and your keychain!? Check out these clip on and add-on charms that are perfect for every day. Want to take your dog mom craziness to the next level? Get some matching earrings!


Collar Charm:

+ These clip on charms can be used for pet collars or by themselves. 

+ Each charm measures 1-1.5 inches including the clip. 


Add-On Keychain Charm:

+ Each charm measures 0.5-1 inch and will be added directly onto your keychain.



+ Earring hook is hypo-allergenic and made of sterling silver with gold plating

+ Earring backs are made of clear silicone for a secure fit

+ Recommended to keep dry and unexposed to oils, lotions, or any other liquids for durability


NOTE IF PURCHASING MULTIPLE CHARMS: If you are ordering multiple charms/keychains, just let me know which keychain + charm should go together and details in the text box.


* Please be careful when using collar charms as they have small parts and can be a choking hazard for pets.